Well, it’s been an eventful 3 months!

The beginning of July saw me take on my new responsibility for the Equator HR suite.

A consequence of this was that I had to give up a large number of the customers that I previously looked after in my Account Management role. My diary used to fill up on its own prior to July and all of a sudden I was faced with lots of things in my working life that even with my experience were completely alien to me.

New brochures, a new web site to be created, marketing plans to be created and then on top of all that the new Pension Auto Enrolment Legislation, so events to be organised.

Thankfully, I have an incredible marketing lady working alongside me, Kelly Fleming and anyone who has attended any recent K3 events will have met Kelly, because she organises every event, books the venue, sets the agenda and makes sure that everyone from K3 and our customer base are kept fully informed of developments.

So, here we are on the first day of October, the brochures are going to print this week, the web site is going live and we’ve had two successful Auto Enrolment events in Manchester and Leicester, all I’ve had to do is meet with Kelly from time to time and be there when she’s asked me to be. She’s even turned this old fashioned guy into a blogger!

It’s onwards and upwards from now on, starting with the latest release of Equator later this month and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s released.