I have to admit I shared the panic around the new Pension Auto Enrolment legislation, as none of it seemed to make any sense to me at all.

Added to this was a mass of long winded documents from the Pensions Regulator to explain how everything was going to work. Not really my ‘cup of tea’ in terms of ideal bedtime reading.

Around 8 weeks ago, one of my colleagues Tricia Miller, who is my greatest ally on the K3 support desk in terms of dealing with our Equator product sat down with our Support Manager Anja Soejberg and between them agreed that Tricia would put together a detailed guide on how our Equator software would handle the new legislation.

Tricia read through the excellent Technical bulletin put together by our Equator development team in conjunction with the volumes from the Pension regulator and produced a document that even I could understand and I realized there and then what an amazing team I was working with.

If anyone is in any doubt about the skills that our development and support teams have then anyone who had experienced the process that I have been through with them over the last couple of months would realise what an absolutely incredible amount of knowledge they possess.

Not only did we produce software to cope with the legislation, we developed it to save time for our end users and made it easy to use.

In some ways we all take for granted that the Payroll and Personnel systems that we use will just be updated to cope with legislation. I think what my experience with the Auto Enrolment legislation proved, is that our people are unsung heroes, from Kevin O’Donnell who leads the development team and deciphered the development document from the Pension regulator (all 113 pages) to translate it into what we now have in our Equator software, through our consultants that implement the software to the incredible people that man the support desk. They all work as one team and support each other through any issues that ever arise either pro or post implementation.

It proved to me that I made the right decision when I took on the role of Business Development Manager for the Equator product at the beginning of July.