Equator Build 043 is now ready to be released and will be available by the beginning of October 2015.


A number of maintenance programs have been enhanced to incorporate docked panes in place of Windows forms.

Report selections may now be saved by User / Function and loaded automatically whenever the process is run again

New report viewer for Crystal reports introduced for all reports that support this option

NEW – Import utility for updating license information has been provided.


Pension Reform Process now supports reduced reporting requirements introduced April 2015.

The EYU submission creation may now be used to generate data for missed FPS submissions in the previous tax year.

BACS format added for BACSTEL.

Time and Attendance

Weekly Pay (Manager) Authorisation function has additional options to simplify changes to paid hours.

New style Work Pattern Definition provides support for Flexible Work (Zero Hours) Patterns.

Job Costing

Updated to allow collection and cost analysis by team code and real time capture of movement data.