HR managers currently navigating a legislation minefield are being urged to reconsider the data already available to them in order to ensure they aren’t caught out.

As more and more businesses make a conscious move towards empowering Big Data and its role in human resources, one HR software provider, Equator HR, is calling on HR professionals not to immediately discard the information currently at their fingertips.

Recent legislation changes have directly impacted upon human resources, from auto enrolment for workplace pension schemes, the extension of National Insurance exemption for apprentices under 25 years old, right through to recently announced changes to travel and subsistence legislation.

And with many businesses facing further uncertainty ahead of a possible Brexit at the upcoming EU referendum, and its possible implications on employment law, Equator HR is calling on HR managers to ensure their current processes are robust ahead of possible further legislation changes. According to Equator HR, the most effective way for HR managers to do this is to look at the ways they can create leaner business processes, which focus on automation, to maximise efficiencies.

There’s little doubt that the role of HR managers is rapidly changing, and Equator HR has updated its solution once again to keep HR professionals in control. With new updates made to the solution, HR managers can utilise existing business information to automate a number of key HR processes. A major update for the solution is the automation of National Insurance exemption for workers aged under 25, making it easy for HR managers to update employee information, for the system to automatically process according to employee circumstances and to flag up when information needs to be reviewed in line with changes in legislation. Unlike with other HR applications, Equator HR does this without the need for additional third party integration.

Tommy Hynes, Business Development Manager at Equator HR commented: “Business technology and HR software already produces large amounts of good quality data, what HR managers need to do now is extrapolate this data to maximum effect. With so many legislative changes coming into effect, it is vital that HR managers are able to stay on top of them all, and for some this means exploring the ways in which new technology or systems can help. By revisiting the data already available to them, HR managers can remove this headache, while still ensuring they are operating compliantly.

“Existing data on employees, can be used to help ensure all apprentices and employees under 25-years-old are not making unnecessary National Insurance contributions, or that those employees with access to a company vehicle are receiving their entitlement of associated benefits-in-kind. All this information can be accessed from within Equator HR, which then automates the process throughout each necessary step.”

Further updates to the solution include the ability to automate fleet handling and the processing of associated benefits-in-kind payments for vehicles and uniforms. The latest version also features enhanced user functionality for smarter navigation.

Equator HR will be showcasing its updated technology at the CIPD HR Software show, which takes place in London on 15-16th June. Over the course of the two day exhibition members of Equator’s team will also be on hand to guide attendees through recent changes to HR legislation.