Manor Fresh, which is an exclusive supplier of potatoes to Marks & Spencer, utilises Equator’s Personnel, Payroll and Time and Attendance (T&A) modules to manage staffing at its two factory’s in Lincolnshire. The transparency of HR information provided by Equator has enabled the company to commend 42% of staff with 100% on their no-sickness records over the past year. This is quite an achievement considering the Food, Drink and Tobacco industry has one of the highest absentee rates of any industry, according to figures from the CIPD absence management reports for 2012. Businesses in this sector lose on average eight days a year to staff absences compared to the textiles industry which loses just 3.8 days a year.

There are 169 hourly paid employees monitored by Manor Fresh’s Equator solution. The company utilises T&A beyond the traditional method of tracking jobs and people, but instead uses it to monitor specific employee hours and attendance. The reports created by the module allow the company to monitor attendance and lateness in greater detail. The solution automatically flags up a notification when a member of staff is late to work and compiles this information for immediate assessing of staffing levels that same day. The data can then be displayed in weekly, monthly and annual graphic calendars.

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The T&A module within our Equator solution allows me to segregate all shift patterns, which makes it easier to generate reports for other areas of the company. Equator is simple to use and easy to extract data from so we can quickly and effectively monitor and address any staffing issues we have to face Shaun Turner, Payroll Administrator