The Personnel module provides an effective solution to an organisation’s human resource requirements. Decision-making is made credible and harnesses employee management and set objectives. Employee details, recruitment, induction, job objectives, reviews, training, skills, health and safety, career paths, holidays and absences, medical details and accident recording are all catered for, enabling comprehensive personnel administration.



The Payroll module is designed to provide maximum flexibility combined with ease of use for both small and large companies needing an effective solution for the complex task of payroll administration. The module eliminates the need to retain detailed knowledge of the ever-changing rules associated with PAYE, SSP SMP, SAP, SPP, NIC, Student Loans and Attachment of Earnings. Equator Payroll has been tested and recognised by HM Revenue & Customs Payroll Standard’


Employee Portal

The Equator Employee Portal allows employees to access their personal information directly from a Web Browser. Typically this will allow your employees to view or modify their specific personal information. This can reduce the burden on your Human Resource professionals to respond to routine employee requests and enquiries, and free them from many routine administration tasks maintaining the database.


Access Control

The Access Control module may be used to control and monitor employee movements through any doors at an organisation’s premises, covering not only the external entry points, but also any internal doors to areas where access is to be restricted. Employee identification is made by using proximity, magnetic, barcode or biometric fingerprint technology.


Real Time Data Collection

The Real-Time Data Collection (also known as Shop Floor Data Collection) module enables information from the factory floor to be collected and collated electronically. As each operation or activity is performed, the information is captured by the employee ‘swiping’ or ‘wanding’, using bar-code pens, scanners or through direct entry into a data capture time clock.


Time and Attendance

The Time and Attendance module allows the electronic capture of Time and Attendance details for any number of employees, via industrial and low-cost time clocks or PC based time clock emulator software, using bar-code, magnetic proximity, biometric fingerprint or touch screen technology. The system also allows data to be captured from standard PDA’s using bluetooth wireless.

  • We were slightly concerned as to how the system was going to cope with pension deductions for the various classification's of worker, especially given that we have close to 2000 employees, some of which already had a pension, however we were surprised at how smoothly it went. There are lots of employee variables to take into account:- age, salary, state date of employment and changing contributions, but Equator works in a logical and clear way and we are very happy and confident with the process and calculated pension deductions.- Tracey Canham, Turners Soham
  • We found the process of Auto Enrolment reasonably pain free. We were given guidelines from K3 for Equator which helped us with our part of the setup. The rest had already been done by K3. They were very helpful when we had very precise requirements from our pension provider and came up with the solution in double quick time for us. So a big thank you for all the help we received. - Karen Hicks, QV Foods Group
  • The T&A module within our Equator solution allows me to segregate all shift patterns, which makes it easier to generate reports for other areas of the company. Equator is simple to use and easy to extract data from so we can quickly and effectively monitor and address any staffing issues we have to face.- Shaun Turner, Manor Fresh
  • I have been working here for the last nine years, and ever since the company purchased the modules from Equator five years ago, I have been amazed at the amount of time we have saved performing personnel jobs.- Kirstie Northall, Carter Retail
  • Managing staff payroll, benefits, bonuses, working hours and training is always the biggest challenge when expanding, but Equator helps us to manage all of this.- Claire Williamson, Jack Richards & Sons
  • The flexibility of Equator has been a huge benefit to us and is one of the reasons we chose the software over other solutions. It is easy to use and intuitive.Carole Wilson, Greenpay Payroll

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