Waymade Healthcare plc is one UK Company that has recognised the potential of a fully integrated HR system, and has implemented the Equator product from K3 , including the T&A, Payroll and Personnel modules.

The personnel function offers a major area of opportunity for improving labour management. Not only is considerable time and resources needed to maintain manual or semi-automated personnel systems, but much of this effort is often wasted due to the data being incomplete or inaccurate, or just not easily accessible.

Implementing an integrated human resource management solution, which for instance includes Time and Attendance (T&A) and Personnel, can free up significant resources by eliminating much of the paper work entailed in comprehensive personnel administration and by avoiding the continual re-keying of the same information. Once an employee is registered on the HR system, this registration can be automatically transferred to the (T&A) function. Similarly, relevant information that should be part of an employee’s work and development record can be automatically transferred back into the HR system, enabling the effective maintenance of these records and the transparent monitoring of an individuals progress through their career.

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“Adopting such a sophisticated HR system has been a big step for the company ”Waymade Healthcare